xxwolfbladeinfinityxx said: Oh hey, I was wondering if you could give me pointers but... I have an immense idea for an ongoing possible comic book series. I'm writing some scripts and creating concept art for the characters. I just needa find a comic artist willing enough to create my idea then I'll be good. So any suggestions on how to tackle this ambitious project? If you want I can send you a private message on the dets but yeah... Comic.

Try to plan out as much as possible of this project. Make test pages or come up with a scenario that helps you with writing and structuring a comic page and understanding your characters. What I mean by this is that concept art and script writing can only tell you so much how a comic is going to “feel” when you’re actually reading a page. I highly suggest making test pages to help you get an idea of how the dialogue is going to come across along with the sequences of images.

The art of comic making is fairly complex but the best way to learn it is

  1. Studying the masters. This can be any comic that inspires you but the ones I recommend studying are Blacksad, All comic tutorial books by Scott Mccloud (I cannot emphasize enough how important these books are.), Lackadaisy Cats (webcomic),Next Town Over (webcomic), The Girl Who Flew Away (webcomic). These are the first that come to mind when I think about people who really go ABOVE and BEYOND with comic details, comic writing, comic layout and so on.
  2. Just do it. One can study something forEVER but you will never learn as much as actually doing it and supplementing your experience with outside tutorials/knowledge as you go along. Basically learning as you go.

Comics are complex in that there are a lot of elements that tie together and all are necessary to understand because the KEY THING YOU MUST REMEMBER is how every element of a comic, from word balloon styles, to typography choices to a chosen art style all work together to create a successful visual narrative. You must also understand what your INTENTION is with your project and know your limitations. If you are new to comics, I suggest staying simple and clear in your writing. Make sure that whatever information you wish to convey to your audience as IMPORTANT is CLEARLY COMMUNICATED. Whatever artistic and creative ways you go about creating a comic layout and style to the comic, make sure your audience is able to follow along and that both visual imagery and written word don’t unintentionally confuse them.

I don’t wish to scare you with how…tiresome this all sounds nor do I want to bog down your ambition with too much info. I personally find learning such topics very enjoyable and I LOVE talking to other people about it and teaching what I know so far. Despite not having completed a big comic project myself, since the highly ambitious one I’m currently working on is in its fetal developing stage, I still have a lot of info that I’ve compiled over the years for my own sake and I’m more than happy to share everything I’ve learned.

Really, the best advice I can give that probably anyone would give is just start it. Even though I also said you should try planning out as much as you can before starting, sometimes it’s just best to dive in head first and brave it out.

Hope I gave a good starting help. ^^’


AAA MISS YOU DARK. My hair is extra crazy these days. It changes eras too. It’ll go from 80’s Action Hero Protag to ‘50’s housewife. Very weird.

I’LL BE THE BEST AT SCHOOL. I REFUSE TO GET AN INSTAGRAM BUT I”LL STILL POST NAPKIN DOODLES MADE IN BARS. Many will likely be of Alegra trying to fit where she can’t fit (because she big). This is definitely happening.

School has started again! I’m taking an extended stay from updating my bogs for a while. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • Commissions are cloooosed.
  • Pffft
  • Why do I treat this blog with such little concern compared to my ridiculous fanart blog
  • I appreciate those that are still around on here. Thank you for being so patient.

I’ll create a queue of art I’ve done over the past year that has been withheld from posting online because I tend to draw A LOT and thus scanning all my work on is an exhausting time and takes forever to compile together in neat orderly fashion.

That’s also another reason why I haven’t posted on here very much. Updating my Sonic blog and Webcomic blog takes a lot out of me and I can’t be on the computer for very long or I begin feeling ill.


TLDR I want to commit more time to updating with more original content.

No one on here knows these characters of mine (except two people maybe). If you knew my DA account in the glory days of old, you’re familiar with my early naive attempts at a slice-of-life gag comic strip of three pets and their owner.

I had forgotten them for SO LONG until I was strolling through my old art again and found the old comics. Embarrassingly unfunny but with some potential to it that actually made me think twice about them. Maybe a future project to develop a bit.

2007 vs 2014

I’m nervous right now.

I’m going to admit something to you all. I have low blood pressure. While I’ve been combatting this since diagnosis, I admittedly have relaxed on my naturopathic medication and diet changes under the pretense that I was doing better.
Since yesterday, I’ve been experiencing prolonged senses of vertigo that are more intense than I’ve had before, which is likely connected to my terribly low blood pressure.

I’m very concerned with my health’s direction due to my own ignorance. I’m telling you all this because I need to leave for awhile to get myself back on track. I’m taking a break from all social media and computer use because it’s honestly scaring me what is happening.

I’ll see you all in a bit.

Ask-gaby-the-husky: Thank you so much! C:

mangothemango: Ohk wow you always say such sweet things about me and I really thank you for your words of great encouragement. ;u; I’m also really glad you appreciate the expressions. I do my best to pull off complex ones and it’s great to get specific feedback like that showing it’s apparently successful. Thank you!!

Anon1: AAA Thanks! I’m a bit of a sucker for tough looking beefy dudes, so Knuckles’s design in Boom made me squeal (  ~˚ w ˚)~* (I still prefer his original design more. One can like both though…)




black in america 


Commission Slots!

I don’t advertise this very well, but I am open for commissions ya’ll!

However, I am only available for three slots total. Two have already been filled.

Edit: the third one has now been filled!

If you’d like me to do whatever awesome, super radical idea that is in your head, send me an ask! We’ll start from there! :)

Rates/shipping/other details will be discussed privately as it depends on the specific commission itself. Please visit the commissions page to see more info and the things I can do. Thank you!


Commissions info. Visit this often as some jobs may fall through and a slot will open!

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that fucking booker dewitt goes with every generic video game cover inspired me so here you go

Bioshock: Infinite Covers

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Two of my favorite things: Burly men and burly men eating yogurt.

Two of my favorite things: Burly men and burly men eating yogurt.

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